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My Birthday was yesterday. It was shitty, thanks for asking.
I'm going to answer some questions and hopefully make some things clear for anyone who keeps visiting the blog.


"What exactly is this blog supposed to be about?"

This is essentially a gaming blog based off of random stuff we decide to talk about. Our number one focus is the podcast but I try to update the blog as often as I can.

"Why aren't their more reviews on here?"

There are a couple of reasons, but mostly because Megan and myself are only two people and there are a crap ton of games all the time. Another reason is I don't play games for the sole reason for reviewing them. If a game interests me, I'll play and if I deed it worthy of writing a review, then I'll post one. I think that's something that we do that a lot of other sites don't. We don't review games for the sake of reviewing them. Where's the fun in that. Lastly, We're busy people. I'm working two jobs on top of being a DJ. Megan has a ton of projects she wants to work on. We are devoted to the site, but we can't spend all of our manhours doing this.

"I don't like how you choose not to focus on the games. Fail."

Well, simply put, Oh well. There are tons of sites to choose from and if you don't like the format of my writings, I invite you to check out some of the other gaming sites.

"It's been X days since someone's posted!"

Once again, We're working on it. In a perfect world, I'd like to have a well written blog up at least once a week, and Megan and Myself try to record a podcast/videocast/etc. at least once a week if not more.


"What is this for?"

This is the meat and bones of this site. We get on here and we rant about gaming topics. Usually, we never stay ON topic, but that's the charm. We want it to be like two adults having a conversation, so there really isn't any format.

"I don't like it."

Next Topic.


"What games do you usually cover?"

The whole "gimmick" of the video is that she has never played any of these games before, so we record her playthoughs and catch her reaction. It's great fun.

"She's never played them before? Those are classics!"

I'll leave this for Megan to explain. Megan?
Ah, hm, yes. I was raised as an only child in a single parent household and led a very sheltered life, mostly by choice. So I didn't play many games, mostly because we couldn't afford them, or I had never heard about them. I had a nice sized NES collection (still do somewhere in my basement) but they were the more obscure games that most people probably never played, (Godzilla anyone?) What are the classics now, I didn't like when I was little, except for Mario and Zelda and I'm pretty damn proud that I managed to keep on track with Zelda. :D I came into gaming late and now I'm trying to personally make up for all these years missed out by being a rather large gaming nerd. Working on that.

"What's the deal with Mega Man 2?"

To make an extremely long version short, we had the game beaten all the way up to Wily, and the video file was corrupted. This wouldn't have been a huge deal, except we spent over 6 hours playing that game. So yeah, it hurt a lot for us to lose that file, but a lot of inside jokes were born from that. Same thing with Mega Man X. I actually beat that game and once again, the file was corrupted, and we were only able to save a little of it. We'll go back to MM2 eventually when the pain wears off. MMX, however, can go burn in a fire.

"You know for an expert, you're not doing too well."

I've said it before, but I'll re-iterate. I've never said that I was an expert at these games. I've played most of the games she's played, but that doesn't mean that I remembered all of it. Hell yea, I'm a bit rusty, but come on. When's the last time you've booted up Castlevania 1? Exactly.

"I have an idea for what game you should play next!"

Then please, send us a e-mail! It'll knock the cobwebs out, and we'll put it on our list of things to do if it meets the requirements.

Other Things

So, what's left for us to do? We've got some pretty cool things lined up. I've done some TCPS solo videos that should be posted up soon. I've actually got a list of topics that I would love to blog about and a couple of drafts on the computer that are just sitting there, waiting to be finished. We're plotting on finding some of the wackiest, craziest, and down right weird game accessories and posting a HUGE blog about it. And other surprises cocked together in the blog. TCPS at the movies, anyone? ^_^ (Don't forget more guests!)

One last thing. If you visit, and you like what you see or you are excited for what's to come? Please, please, let us know! Tweet us, Email us or just leave a comment for us to catch! We'd love to read it!


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