Thursday, April 21, 2011

Geeky Pleasures needs your help!

*Presses Start*

So, I don't usually do this, but this is a pretty special case.

Juila Sherred, a good friend of To Continue Press Start, and really good friend of I, is trying to realize her dream of starting her own radio station. This is no small feat and indeed it is pricey. $3000 pricey and Jules doesn't have a Game Genie booklet so she can't get infinite money.

This, loyal readers, is where you come in. Co-op this campaign for her sake.

She's asking everyone to donate ten bucks to the cause. Don't have ten? Donate five. Don't have five? Donate one. Don't have one? Do what we're doing. Spread the word. We believe in her and we hope that she gets this up and running.

You can find her tutorial menu here. Do you what you guys do best. Support! Help her make this reality.


TCPS 9: Rants and Rave

We're back with another Audio podcast! And we've got another guest, Shua, as we rant and rave about the PSN ordeal, talking about Nintendo, and generally getting off topic.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Podcast update

So usually today you'd be treated to the weekly podcast! Well, it's going to be delayed today, sorry! That real life think has been a kick int he pants for the past few weeks, and it seems to only be getting worse. Whether it be insane kittens (and cats), insane weather, or moving (all three for me), it's doing it's best to delay me. Thank you for sticking with us, we have some awesome things in store like we said in the previous post, and stay tuned!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tutorial Menu!

*Presses Start*

My Birthday was yesterday. It was shitty, thanks for asking.
I'm going to answer some questions and hopefully make some things clear for anyone who keeps visiting the blog.


"What exactly is this blog supposed to be about?"

This is essentially a gaming blog based off of random stuff we decide to talk about. Our number one focus is the podcast but I try to update the blog as often as I can.

"Why aren't their more reviews on here?"

There are a couple of reasons, but mostly because Megan and myself are only two people and there are a crap ton of games all the time. Another reason is I don't play games for the sole reason for reviewing them. If a game interests me, I'll play and if I deed it worthy of writing a review, then I'll post one. I think that's something that we do that a lot of other sites don't. We don't review games for the sake of reviewing them. Where's the fun in that. Lastly, We're busy people. I'm working two jobs on top of being a DJ. Megan has a ton of projects she wants to work on. We are devoted to the site, but we can't spend all of our manhours doing this.

"I don't like how you choose not to focus on the games. Fail."

Well, simply put, Oh well. There are tons of sites to choose from and if you don't like the format of my writings, I invite you to check out some of the other gaming sites.

"It's been X days since someone's posted!"

Once again, We're working on it. In a perfect world, I'd like to have a well written blog up at least once a week, and Megan and Myself try to record a podcast/videocast/etc. at least once a week if not more.


"What is this for?"

This is the meat and bones of this site. We get on here and we rant about gaming topics. Usually, we never stay ON topic, but that's the charm. We want it to be like two adults having a conversation, so there really isn't any format.

"I don't like it."

Next Topic.


"What games do you usually cover?"

The whole "gimmick" of the video is that she has never played any of these games before, so we record her playthoughs and catch her reaction. It's great fun.

"She's never played them before? Those are classics!"

I'll leave this for Megan to explain. Megan?
Ah, hm, yes. I was raised as an only child in a single parent household and led a very sheltered life, mostly by choice. So I didn't play many games, mostly because we couldn't afford them, or I had never heard about them. I had a nice sized NES collection (still do somewhere in my basement) but they were the more obscure games that most people probably never played, (Godzilla anyone?) What are the classics now, I didn't like when I was little, except for Mario and Zelda and I'm pretty damn proud that I managed to keep on track with Zelda. :D I came into gaming late and now I'm trying to personally make up for all these years missed out by being a rather large gaming nerd. Working on that.

"What's the deal with Mega Man 2?"

To make an extremely long version short, we had the game beaten all the way up to Wily, and the video file was corrupted. This wouldn't have been a huge deal, except we spent over 6 hours playing that game. So yeah, it hurt a lot for us to lose that file, but a lot of inside jokes were born from that. Same thing with Mega Man X. I actually beat that game and once again, the file was corrupted, and we were only able to save a little of it. We'll go back to MM2 eventually when the pain wears off. MMX, however, can go burn in a fire.

"You know for an expert, you're not doing too well."

I've said it before, but I'll re-iterate. I've never said that I was an expert at these games. I've played most of the games she's played, but that doesn't mean that I remembered all of it. Hell yea, I'm a bit rusty, but come on. When's the last time you've booted up Castlevania 1? Exactly.

"I have an idea for what game you should play next!"

Then please, send us a e-mail! It'll knock the cobwebs out, and we'll put it on our list of things to do if it meets the requirements.

Other Things

So, what's left for us to do? We've got some pretty cool things lined up. I've done some TCPS solo videos that should be posted up soon. I've actually got a list of topics that I would love to blog about and a couple of drafts on the computer that are just sitting there, waiting to be finished. We're plotting on finding some of the wackiest, craziest, and down right weird game accessories and posting a HUGE blog about it. And other surprises cocked together in the blog. TCPS at the movies, anyone? ^_^ (Don't forget more guests!)

One last thing. If you visit, and you like what you see or you are excited for what's to come? Please, please, let us know! Tweet us, Email us or just leave a comment for us to catch! We'd love to read it!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TCPS 8: Chrono Trigger Duex

This is part two of Chrono Trigger, the thrilling conclusion of how far we got in the game. Come back with us on the journey with Chrono (er, Kai) in the RPG Chrono Trigger. We're still on a mission to save the world (barring phone calls) and save the Queen, er, Princess, or was it a Kitty? Let's just hope we don't end up in prison.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prinny Invades my Game Difficulty, Dood.

*Presses Start*

So, The 3DS is awesome, but it's sitting in a corner right now. My A.D.D attention span (and not wanting to get up) has drawn me to another game.

Prinny. Yeah. The Peg-legged penguins from Disgaea have their own game. And it's fucking awesome. It's a normal platformer game that gives you 1000 lives and says "finish me". Sounds like overkill? It's not. The Difficulty is rammed up to 11 and you'll need every single one of those lives. And that's only the easy difficulty. On hard, it's one hit kill-ville, and it's population you. I've have yelled obscenities, thrown the PSP, and overall made people hate me as a neighbor, but I've had more fun with this game then I have in a long time. Mostly because this game has kicked me in the balls and laughed at me while I'm in pain.

For me to say that I like difficult video games is a general assumptions. I like games with a challenge, which is more then I can say for 9/10ths of the games out there today. I know, I know, some of you are impressed with your Halo Legendary run through, but even that doesn't amount to how difficult games back in the day were. Try playing "Bionic Commando". No, not the remake. The old one with a life bar that you had to earn. That was hard. How about "Ninja Gaiden?" And yes, the new one was crazy difficult. Just like the old one.

In the days of emulation and save states, game difficulty has gone down a ton. I'm under the impression that few gamers that grew up on Xbox and Wii, don't really have a grasp on what difficult games are. When I play a game, I don't want to be able to breeze through it. I want to have a game that makes me feel like I've accomplished something by finishing it, not make me feel like I just wasted my time. There's not too many games like that out there like that.

Ghosts and Goblins was difficult. You got hit twice, and you died. Battletoads was incredibly difficult. TMNT was a bitch to finish as well. Contra: Hard Corps. Comix Zone. Castlevania. Games that weren't hard by going to options and clicking Very Hard; These bastards were difficult by design, and I think nowadays, games don't do that. People don't know about limited continues. They know about auto saving and quick aim.

You crazy kids get off my lawn, dood. Until then,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TCPS 7: Video Challenge 3 - Chrono Trigger

Join us as we journey with Chrono (er, Kai) in the RPG Chrono Trigger. We're on a mission to save the world (barring phone calls) and save the Queen, er, Princess, or was it a Kitty? Let's just hope we don't end up in prison.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello good people! Yeah, I've gone through and changed a few things, like, the color scheme, (it was almost pastel pink with cherry blossoms, but Antonio shot that down,) and the layout. I just felt like it needed to be changed, that is until I am able to go in to my lovely art programs and design a layout for the site. I will slowly be adding some buttons for the podcasts though so you don't have to search for the link I've placed randomly in the post. :) I hope to have those up by tomorrow.

You've probably also noticed that we've been a bit quiet. Blame real life. I had a family emergency, that's still kind of going on, but slowing down, and a few other things that have caused me to go into over-stress mode. And real life attacked Antonio, specifically his back last I checked.

What else is new? Well, as some of you might know, the TCPS podcast is available in the iTunes store, and now we are also available in the Zune Marketplace! Yay! We're also on Twitter! You can follow us @TCPSpodcast, and you can watch out soon for a Facebook page, also. We are all over the internet! We even have an email! If you wanted to get a hold of us, ask us some questions, send us some comments, or anything really.

Now, what can you look forward to seeing? Well, I'll tell you!

New podcasts! - Video Challenges including Chrono Trigger, Kirby, Metroid, Shinobi, Kid Icarus, and many others.
Podcasts on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, DLC, Video Game music radio stations, and whatever else we feel like.
More guests, including Joe 'Covenant' Lamb, Shua, Julia 'Jules' Sherred, the return of Owen, and many others. Oh yeah, people wanna be on this podcast. We cool.

New blog posts! - Reviews on Dragon Age 2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and Prinny. Gaming crafts that exist in real life, and maybe a special blog post including some Steampunk, (I have my reasons.)

New Layout/Extras! - As I mentioned above, a new layout might be on its way soon, along with some new buttons for media downloads. Also we''ll have some fun extras showing up, like video podcasts from Antonio, and our YouTube channel featuring our Let's Play's!

As you can see we have some awesome stuff coming up, some awesome stuff has happened, and we're not running out of ideas anytime soon. Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell the internets! To Continue Press Start is here to stay.