Friday, November 18, 2011

Megara's Zelda Event

Megan's most anticipated game of the year is coming out on Sunday, the 20th of November; The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword. So in preparation, and homage, she's going to play some Legend of Zelda Games for all you, and livestream it on Twitch TV! And record it for later. She'll be playing Ocarina of Time, a kind of speed run, Twilight Princess, and some Wind Waker! She'll be starting tonight, Friday, around 11pm EST (8pm PST, 4am GMT) and throughout the day on Saturday. Sunday she'll be playing Skyward Sword in the afternoon (American East Coast afternoon) and livestreaming it for the podcast. You'll be able to catch all of this later int he archives as podcasts and YouTube videos. (And yeah, she got the special edition with wii mote and CD. She'll be squeeing all day.)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gamers are Awesome, not Lazy

That's right, Parents, Grandparents, bosses, I said it. We're not lazy, or anit-social, well most of us anyway. "But, Megan, what proof do you have to back this up?" I hear you non believers ask. First, I've been told that you should start a sentence with but, but I do it all the time, (you also shouldn't start a sentence with And, but I'm about to do it.) And, I can't give you numbers, or science, but I can give you personal experience, and what I have observed. When I'm not working with video games as part of my job, (how I wish I actually played them for a living) I am at home playing them, or even watching them. I'm active on YouTube, checking my subscription box regularly, and most of them are of people playing the games that I don't like, or won't get for a while.

There are a lot of people on the internet that record themselves playing games, and I'm one of the people who watches them. Some of these commentators actually make a living off of making these videos, off of playing video games, and in turn they get to hear and talk to a lot of fans who watch their videos and find enjoyment and entertainment from them. For the most part, most of these commentators love their fans, and read every single comment and message they get from the fans, and listen to them. Not Anti-Social. Let me give you another example. Minecraft. Yes, I said it. Love it or hate it, it's gotten a lot of attention. Enough that a Minecraft convention, Minecon, is happening this weekend in Las Vegas. And a good number of YouTube commentators will be going there to meet their fans, along with have fun. And they are amazingly excited for it. See, not anti-social. They see day light, gamers that is.

Gamers are also not lazy, we cultivate talents without knowing it sometimes. We're constantly thinking when playing a game, looking for the best tactic, or the best way to befriends someone, or sneak behind their back to steal from them. Through my own personal experience I've found that recently when playing Dragon Age 2 I've found that I've been working on multi-tasking. Killing my enemies of giant spiders with no mercy is my main task, but I have to make sure that my character doesn't die, and the lives of my companions. All the while checking on their tactics and that my mage will actually heal someone when they start to die because I've used the potion and it hasn't had enough time to cool down. All those FPS games, those take thinkin', tactics, game plans. Call of Duties, Battlefields, Halo, even Gears of War, even those little Final Fantasy games take some planning when it comes to your characters.

I was in Voice/Keyboard for five years in Middle/High School. I sang in a choir and I took daily keyboard lessons, learning on my own and from the teachers. You would think that in all those years I'd be able to play some moderate stuff, right? At least something out of the level 4 piano book. Wrong. My left hand doesn't like to be independent a lot of the time. If my right hand is doing something simple, then yeah my left hand will go off on it's own, but if, say for chance, my right hand were playing the melody of a song, like the Sleeping Beauty Waltz, my left hand cannot play the accompanying chords for the song. It refuses to be simple, and wants to do what my right hand is doing. Now, what was the point of my telling you this? What relevance does it have to gamers? When I am playing Left 4 Dead, of Dragon Age 2 like earlier this week, my hands are all over the place. They know what they have to do to kill the undead and to keep myself, and maybe others (Antonio not included, you coward) alive throughout the game. When I was playing Guild Wars I had two computers up so I could play on one and look up anything about the game on the other simultaneously. My left hand had no trouble doing that. Playing all these games is actually training my hands, and in turn it's making my typing speed faster also. Not particularly more accurate, but, faster.

So, as I was taught in school, here is my conclusion. Gamers are in fact not lazy, or anti-social, in fact they can be quite social, funny, who actually know how to speak proper English, and game speak, meet people in real life, and are actually training their brains and hands, and their body if they use any of the motion "controllers". I may not have used science, but I used my own personal experiences and first hand observations. Thank you for your time. *bows*

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another TCPS Special

We are going to live stream a first impressions! Today! Yes tonight, the 14th of November, (for real this time.) We're going to live stream gameplay and FI of Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3! (Obtained through legal means of course,) with a live Q & A! Catch all the action Here (@ http://www.twitch.tv/tcpspodcast) tonight starting roughly around 2:30 pm EST (11:30 am PST and 7:30 pm GMT). It's gonna be great!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A TCPS Special!

We are going to live stream a first impressions! Tonight! Yes tonight, the 12th of NovembeLinkr. We're going to live stream gameplay and FI of Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3! (Obtained through legal means of course.) Catch all the action Here (@ http://www.twitch.tv/tcpspodcast) tonight starting roughly around 11:30 pm EST (8:30 pm PST and 4:30 am GMT). It's gonna be great!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Blame Game. Available for all systems! Blame your game today!

*presses start*

(Note: Long winded Nostalgia run coming up.)

As a kid, I can recall being super excited about getting my gaming copy of "Street Fighter II". The high definition graphics, the massive amount of kung-fu going on, the machismo of being the crap out of each other was so enthralled to me as a kid, It pretty much took over my entire time of being a 7 year old (and solidified my love of fighters) . I wanted so bad to be Guile. I begged my grandparents to let me grow out a afro, got a fake tattoo of USA on my arm, tried to do my back flips and practiced my sonic boom so much that one point and time, I swore that I saw a spark come from my furious training as the next street fighter. My brother wanted to be Ryu, so he wrapped a red t-shirt around his head and practiced his fireball.

As time moved on, we also discovered "Mortal Kombat" and mocked that too. I wanted to be Sub-Zero and my brother Scorpion. I should mention at this time, that the Sega Genesis copy was a extremely toned down version of the game. The fatalities were uppercuts and there wasn't a spark of blood at all. It was essentially, Street Fighter. I can also remember the day where my friend came over and asked me about the blood code. I told him he was a liar but sure as day, he put it in and I got to see Mortal Kombat for what it actually was. People bled. Heads ripped off of bodies. Flesh burned. People stabbed. For some kids, there wasn't a difference at all. For me, It was night and day. About a month later, I saw my brother again.

"Hey man, Let's pretend again. I want to be Johnny Cage!"

"Naw," I hesitated. "Let's pretend something else. X-men?"

Imagination is a powerful thing when you're a kid. Naturally, you want to be what you looked up to, or someone that just looked badass. I don't know a single kid that didn't want to be a superhero at one point in time. Power Rangers. X-Men. Batman. Superman. I can remember when Harriet the Spy came out and everyone wanted to document everything just like her. Kids are crazy influential. Same goes with video games.

I never, however, tried to physically do harm to people because of what I played in a video game.

Video games are always going to be the target of media attention. Mortal Kombat was the reason for the ESRB. Street Fighter catches it for their depection of females. Grand Theft Auto is a game where you can kill practically everyone that you get your hands on. Doom at the time of it's release was what was known as a hyper-violent shooter and parents around the world pressured for the game to be banned. As of lately, however, Being a gamer pretty much means that you're a serial killer. The media makes every chance to play on the fact that people played games. The recent Kimberly Proctor case made it a point to mention that one of the boys was 16 years old, lived with their parents, and was avid gamer.

16? Parents? Gamer? How dreadfully normal.

It was known as the World Of Warcraft text murder. People were quick to point out that this guy plays WoW a lot. What in the hell does that have anything to do with the murder and torture of this poor girl? I'll give you a solid answer. Not a damn thing. The only thing that has anything in common with the gaming world is that he confessed to his girlfriend over WoW. That's it. Another story that's coming out is about the 19 year old that shook his baby to death because he interrupted a video game. A while back, a kid shot his little sibling because he mistaken the real gun for the Wii gun that the family owned. How about the story about the kid who stole a car because he played Grand Theft Auto? Can anyone else remember the Mass Effect 2 Sex crap? Really? Star Trek had Kirk romancing alien women. How is Mass Effect any different? The one that everyone should remember involved two kids shooting up a certain high school. Because Doom was found on their computers, people were automatically up in arms about the game.

All of these cases spin the web that because this poor soul played video games, they turned into this crazy person that NEEDED to act out their hidden desires to murder or do some other illegal act. I'm here to tell you that's total bullshit. These people were going to do what they wanted to do, regardless of what game they played. I've played fighting games all my life, but never once went out of my way to physically KO someone who didn't deserve it. I don't see people jumping on top of other people in order to save their princess. I haven't heard of Pac-man being the reason for obesity around the globe. I may never forget the Sub-Zero fatality (forward, down, forward, HP) but I've never tried ripping a spine out of someone. I served in our Military, and I can tell you that there's a indisputable difference between shooting a plastic gun at virtual zombies coming from my quarters and holding cold steel towards a living breathing human being and giving them a permanent game over. I guess gaming is the easiest target for everyone, as I don't hear about anyone trying to kill someone believing that they're in the Matrix or copycatting a popular movie franchise or being in love with one of the popular teeny-bopper franchises or a amazingly great TV series.

Oh wait.

Strife out.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TCPS 18: Retrogame Challenge! Part 1

So Megan was sick, and Antonio said "Let's play this game!" And Megan was like: *coughhackdie* "Okay!" *voicecrack* And they did. This is part one of that not so smart move.