Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bulletstorm, The Matrix, And Game Endings

*presses start*

First off, I'm sorry for lack of updates. Things have been crazy on this side as of late, so I'm going to update twice this week to compensate.

I've pulled my foot out of people's ass in MVC3 long enough to put in Bulletstorm and finish through the campaign. Bulletstorm is a straight macho charged game resembling a FPS version of Epic's pride and joy, Gears of War. It was crude. It was charged. I've never heard so many creative references to a penis before. It was a bit on the easy side. The most important thing? It was a blast to play. There's a certain rush that you get (not to mention bonus points) when you drag your enemy (a la Scorpion) to your face, attach explosives to his neck, and kick him back to his co-horts and watching them all explode. (For the record, that one was entitled GangBang. Get it?)

Too bad the ending blew. Hard.

(Spoiler alert ahead but if you haven't seen The Matrix Trilogy, I'm sure you're on the wrong site.)

I remember being so excited about watching Matrix Reloaded. I'm sure I'm one of the many that genuinely enjoyed the movie while I was in the theater. "Oh man, the fights were pretty cool, Holy shit they got out of the ship. Neo's in a coma. Who is that....Oh man, it's Bane/Smith! What's gonna happen no...."

*Spits out Popcorn*

"What the fuck is this shit?"

Now, before I get tons of "WTF, some of the best games have this, you have no idea what you're talking about" mail, let me clarify. Sometimes, and under very rare circumstances would something end on a to be continued and it work. Especially with gaming. I could name of a couple off hand, but since some of them are on the newer arc, I'll refrain, but some of the older trilogies that come to mind are Halo, Prince of Persia (confusing as it was at the time), and Phoenix Wright just to name a few. Ending a game on a Cliffhanger that was a pretty epic thrill ride is one thing, but I can't help but feel like sometimes the developers use that as a cop-out nine times out to ten. It feels like a cheap sitcom saying "Tune into next week for the exciting conclusion to this $60 dollar game!" And just like The Matrix Reloaded, it promises big things and like it's anti-climatic conclusion, it often fails to deliver. I didn't pay $60+ Whatever DLC to have a friggin incomplete game. If a RPG did that, I'm pretty sure I'd develop a well written letter telling the company to fuck themselves.

I can understand cliffhangers, but when the game just ends with no amazing finish to it, it just feels rushed, incomplete and I drop the controller because now I have to wait however long the developers decide to stop milking their "Highly successful hit game" and actually finish my game. People are STILL waiting on a half life 3 and that's supposedly been in the making for years. You know, they decided that they didn't want to finish at that moment so they release half done. Movies can get away with it, but it's usually not for the best (See Matrix Reloaded) and with Television, it's almost expected and accepted. Games is a bit testy just because when we purchase a game, we expect a story. A beginning, a conflict, and it's dramatic, fun filled conclusion. Conclusion, being the keyword.

In Prince of Persia (The Sands Of Time series), The story telling was so epic, It could afford the cliffhanger ending at the end of Warrior Within. .The huge difference was that there was a conflict that felt resolved. Destroying the The Dahaka (or the hot chicka, can't remember her name) felt like a huge accomplishment. (Spoiler note, I found it really cool that no matter what ending you got, You cannot change your fate still rang true.) Half Life 2's ending on the other hand... depending on how you look at it, was a slap in the face for people who waited for 7 years for this game and have such a blah ending. Tack that on for people who played it when it first came out in 1998 and you have people who have been following this series for 13 years and is STILL waiting for a conclusion to a video game. You can't climax forever, Gamindustri. After a while, we all just stop caring and move on to something that's more filling. It's not me, Bulletstorm. It's you.

Oh, and the Matrix Revolutions can blow my balls.


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