Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Ides Of March: Games that should have gotten reviews, but didn't

*Presses Start*

So, I have to get off my 3DS long enough to tell you about some games that came out in March that should have gotten full fledged reviews but most of my time was spent between real life and Dragon Age 2.

Speaking of Dragon Age 2, I promise a review, but I'm actually replaying this game to catch up on some of the things I missed (like characters) so that'll come soon enough. Promise.

Now to the games:

Rift: The World Of Warcraft "killer" that released earlier this month has gotten pretty amazing reviews so far. I haven't reviewed it because of my disdain for (Most) MMORPGs, but reader reviews so far are saying that it's good, but it's not going to stop WOW anytime soon. Aion anyone?

Pokemon: The racist version of the game dropped this month and so far people are saying that it's pretty good. I should actually pick up, but once you pick one up, you've picked them all up.
People are saying that it's incredibly different, but I've yet to know a difference.

Homefront: The THQ answer to call of duty that really left me wanting to play call of duty. The solo campaign was really terrible. The Multiplayer was OK, but I'm more a solo guy myself.

Okamiden: Yes. 10x times yes. It's not on the same plain as the original, but it's holds it's own well enough to suppress the urge for an sequel.

Dissidia 012: Harder to start from scratch, but overall, a satisfying prequel. All the new characters are interesting.

Crysis 2: Definitely deserving of a full review. So many cool things in the game, it's pretty good so far. The Multiplayer is solid and the Single Campaign is great. And yes, my PS3 can run Crysis.

I know March isn't over yet, but most of the major ones are already out, and there's some games that should have gotten a solid review, but because I am only one man, I can only tackle what I can. Expect another blog real soon guys.


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