Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Prinny Invades my Game Difficulty, Dood.

*Presses Start*

So, The 3DS is awesome, but it's sitting in a corner right now. My A.D.D attention span (and not wanting to get up) has drawn me to another game.

Prinny. Yeah. The Peg-legged penguins from Disgaea have their own game. And it's fucking awesome. It's a normal platformer game that gives you 1000 lives and says "finish me". Sounds like overkill? It's not. The Difficulty is rammed up to 11 and you'll need every single one of those lives. And that's only the easy difficulty. On hard, it's one hit kill-ville, and it's population you. I've have yelled obscenities, thrown the PSP, and overall made people hate me as a neighbor, but I've had more fun with this game then I have in a long time. Mostly because this game has kicked me in the balls and laughed at me while I'm in pain.

For me to say that I like difficult video games is a general assumptions. I like games with a challenge, which is more then I can say for 9/10ths of the games out there today. I know, I know, some of you are impressed with your Halo Legendary run through, but even that doesn't amount to how difficult games back in the day were. Try playing "Bionic Commando". No, not the remake. The old one with a life bar that you had to earn. That was hard. How about "Ninja Gaiden?" And yes, the new one was crazy difficult. Just like the old one.

In the days of emulation and save states, game difficulty has gone down a ton. I'm under the impression that few gamers that grew up on Xbox and Wii, don't really have a grasp on what difficult games are. When I play a game, I don't want to be able to breeze through it. I want to have a game that makes me feel like I've accomplished something by finishing it, not make me feel like I just wasted my time. There's not too many games like that out there like that.

Ghosts and Goblins was difficult. You got hit twice, and you died. Battletoads was incredibly difficult. TMNT was a bitch to finish as well. Contra: Hard Corps. Comix Zone. Castlevania. Games that weren't hard by going to options and clicking Very Hard; These bastards were difficult by design, and I think nowadays, games don't do that. People don't know about limited continues. They know about auto saving and quick aim.

You crazy kids get off my lawn, dood. Until then,

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