Friday, October 28, 2011

November Upcomings!

Halloween is coming, and after that is November. With November comes the beginning of some of the most anticipated titles. The Holiday gaming releases are upon us, folks. So what does that mean for TCPS? Well, you can expect more first impression podcasts of games coming out, and games that have recently come out. More podcasts of us playing classics in honor of new releases. Sonic, (the hedgehog, not the fast food chain,) is celebrating a milestone and a new game, and we're doing something special for him.

There might be a tiny celebration of both of our hosts working in the Video Game industry, in some fashion, (this means that Megan got a job. Really, it's a means for celebration.) And after Megan sells her video game inspired handmade creations, she'll be able to shoot more zombies with Antonio in a Legend of Zelda Left 4 Dead add-on. We'll record it, we promise it'll contain some classic moments.

Stay tuned for a regular release of podcasts, blog posts, and more. Antonio will be participating in a Iron Man of Gaming event this November and we'll bring you updates on that also. He's brushing up on his MvC3 as we speak. And don't forget to check us out on the Twitter-sphere @TCPSpodcast and on Facebook here.

Updates abound! Stay tuned!

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