Sunday, June 3, 2012

This Week In E3

If you know anything about gaming, then you know that this week is Gaming's biggest time to shine. The World Series of Gaming. It's the Electronics Entertainment Expo! And once again we're going to be covering it, this time in blog post and podcast form. We'll do what we did last year, break up the podcasts, this time the Big 3 (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) into one, and Ea and Ubisoft into another. Or something like that. It will of course all depend on what kind of news we get. If you've listened to our previous podcasts then you know what we're hoping for something big, but our hopes aren't big. At least they weren't, until earlier today.

Despite other announcements of games, and trailers and gameplay from others, Nintendo wanted to get a head start. How? By talking about the Wii U of course! Some people might thing that this is a bad move, that they should have saved all information for their press Conference on Tuesday. People like me. But after watching the short (only about half an hour) special broadcast, it wasn't a bad move on their part. We were treated Nintendo President Satoru Iwata talking to us about what we can expect from the Wii U, what makes it different than the Wii, improves on fromt he Wii, and why it's going to be the system to beat. The controller has been update; it's been made bigger, joysticks have replaced the thumb pads, and the form has been designed for comfort with long hours of gaming in mind. They even announced the Wii U Pro Controller, looking much like a 360 controller. The only difference between the two Wii U controllers is that the Pro is meant for, well,w hat it's named after, Pros. No screen will be in this controller. I can only imagine that you won't be able to use this controller for every game, as I can see Nintendo, and other third party designers, utilizing the screen for game purposes and you'll probably be required to use the screen.

Although there wasn't much that was announced that we didn't already now, or assume, from last years E3, there was a video that showed what the Wii U, and it's controller, would be able to do. Including what looked like it's own social network, complete with video chat. Nintendo has found a way to include the Mii's in a very interactive way, much better than before and just using your Mii to show off to your friends when they come over to your house. Not so possible when your friends live half way around the world. They're calling it the Miiverse, and it'll include interactivity between the Wii U, and the 3DS, and other systems. It also looked like there might be an mobile app coming to a smart phone near you, so that you can interact with the Nintendo community.

These are things that will all be covered again this Tuesday, I'm sure, at the Nintendo Press Conference. Let's see how Sony and Microsoft take this news. E3 kicks off tomorrow with the first big press conference from Microsoft starting at 12:30pm EST (9:30am PDT), EA at 4pm EST (1pm PDT), Ubisoft at 6pm EST (3pm PDT), and Sony at 9pm EST (6pms PST). Then Nintendo will step up on Tuesday at 12pm EST (9am PST) to show off their goods. Here's hoping for some kind of LoZ fan service. Expect tweets from us (@TCPSpodcast) and wrap up posts after each press conference summing everything up, and podcasts to go up after the big conferences are over. We won't leave you hanging.

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