Thursday, April 5, 2012

Did You Know That...?!

Fans of Bill Nye the Science will appreciate the title, but I digress. I named it that because I was wondering if you all knew of some cool things that happened recently, like several hours ago. Ever wanted to play Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game? Well you can play it for free, but only for the next 36 hours! (From the time of this post, of course.) If you go to GOG.com you can get the whole game, DRM-free, plus extras! What kind of extras you're asking? Extras like wallpapers, a manual, Fallout bible, avatars, artworks, and a soundtrack! For free! Again, Free. Who doesn't like getting things for free? I've picked up my copy. GOG.com is also releasing more games, DRM-free, like Assassin's Creed, with many many extras! Soundtracks, art books, manuals, all those things you would expect in a collector's edition, for free!

But there's more!

Earlier today was the CD Projekt RED Group 2012 Spring Conference, (which you can go and watch the recorded video here.) Don't recognize that name? The Witcher. 'Nuff said. Haven't played it? Why not? I haven't, but I'm rectifying that as we speak. And now they've made it easier for you to play! It's coming to the Xbox360! Not just a port either, they've built it from the ground up for ultimate immersion. 'But, Megara, that game isn't new!' I hear you say. Well no, in fact last year The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings came out, but later this month, April 17th, the Enhanced Edition will be coming out! Already own the game? Don't worry, all the additions and new features will come to you in the form of a Free update! And you can pre-download starting the 11th of April. You're not going to have to purchase the game again, seriously, what a great company.

But you want to play The Witcher before you play the Enhanced Edition? Good idea, friend. You can buy it on Steam for only $9.99, for either PC or Mac! That's right, they've released a Mac version of it. It's a Hybrid version, meaning that if you have on your PC then you can play it on your Mac! Like me. That's right, I own a PC and a Mac, I don't take sides. You also don't need the newest Mac product to play it, it'll work on that iMac you bought three years ago!

There's also a contest like opportunity! The follows at CD Projeckt Red really value the input of the fans, and they want to send out 1000 review copies of The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for the Xbox360 out to the fans. That's right, you can write/record a review for them. Post the review on their Facebook wall, record it for your YouTube channel, post it up on your blog, however you want to get it our there, they want it. How do you enter for this chance? Go to TheWitcher.com/Review and fill out the short form with a few sentences about why they should send a copy to you. All you have to do it give them your name, and tell them a little about your gaming past, which can be really hard to cum up when Games are one of your passions, trust me. But you only have until the 9th of April! That's Monday! You don't have long! They're going to respond to every person who enters, just to let you know if you've been picked or not. How thoughtful.

Don't worry readers, even if we don't get the game from CD Projeckt Red to review, the game will be getting a review. That's how excited Antonio is for the Enhanced Edition, he already planned the review. Keep an eye out for him, for he shall soon be doing a game review overload of all the games he's played in the past two months. I'm not even ready for that. We've got things planned for the immediate future, including some TCPS podcast extras (some NSFW), and some Halo: Reach goodies. This should be exciting because we're getting in a pro player, and one that can't aim to save her life, and Antonio. Seriously, you're gonna wanna watch it, it's gonna be so stupid it's funny. Check it!

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