Friday, February 3, 2012

Soul Fantasy 52?

Christmas has come and gone, the 2011 game year is over and now we enter 2012. We're also entering one of the slowest release time of the year, but this week the video game industry dropped two games on us. Soul Calibur V and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

For Soul Calibur fans this gave new characters, and the incredibly nimble, and lady-stealing, assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, continuing in that tradition of guest characters. Most people aren't going to buy this game for the story, (the incredibly short story mode), but they will buy it for the new Critical edge system with which to beat their opponents with. I played through the story mode in about an hour, maybe more after getting trolled by the CPU. The story mode wasn't the first thing that I messed with though, I spent the first forty-five minutes of Soul Calibur V in the new character creation mode. You can change up the original character's clothing, skin color, hair, and give them tattoos, or make your own character using the 'soul', or fighting style, of one of the original characters of the game. I made two characters, one using the soul of newcomer Viola, and another using the soul of veteran Cervantes, and she is my favorite right now, (my character, not Cervantes, for he is a grumpy, used to be dead, pirate man, not a woman.) For those who will miss Sophitia don't worry, her weapons and fighting style live on through her two children, Patroklos, and Pyrrah, the main characters of the story line. I'll let you figure out what happens on your own though, and after you finish the story, go online and beat up some people. Online only please. It's a decent game well enough, coming from someone who rarely plays fighters.

Beyond all odds, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is going to be the bigger seller though, and we all know that's because it's got the words Fantasy and Final attached, and not in that order. Now, you can't lie to me, the first time you heard them announce this game with a 2 attached tot he end your thoughts went directly to FFX-2. You can't deny it. And we all hoped that it wasn't going to be like that game, we really did, but we also hoped that everything that was complained about in 13 would have changed a little. Good news, and maybe bad news? It's better than Final Fantasy X-2 (from first glances), but not everything was changed from Final Fantasy XIII. The Auto Battle feature is still there. Granted I'm not that far into it, (you can watch my progress on our YouTube channel, or clicking here CLICK), but I'm enjoying it. I enjoy the FF games, and I've only actually beaten two of them in my gaming career. I am intrigued by the story of this particular Fantasy of the 13th variety. How many time have you been asked "If it's Final Fantasy, how can there be thirteen of them?" I always reply, "There's more than that."

These two games will have to keep us satisfied, and occupied, for at least a little bit. That is until the 22nd of February when Sony releases their PSVita, and the half dozen games that will come out a week BEFORE the actual system does. Don't worry, we'll cover the Vita more later on. Something to think about though before then, do you know what Vita means? And I mean know what it means before you google it. Ten TCPS points if you knew!

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