Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Greatest Games Never Sold

*Presses Start*

This game sucks.

A phrase said all too often. We get a game home, pop it in and expect to be bedazzled with amazing graphics, a immersible story, and game play that will blow the socks off even the most stubborn gamer. Sadly, PS1 graphics, terribad story and horrible controls instantly brings out the worst case of "Buyer's remorse" that anyone will ever see. For every Call of Duty and Uncharted, there's a BodyCount and MindJack. What happens when the game that instantly gets the rage is a game that is actually good...but doesn't sell?

I've made it no secret that I had about a two week affair with Deus Ex: Human Revolution that cultivated into a up-all-night session crack at the ending and a phone call to Megan at 8am. The story drew me in. The game play rocked. It had a little something for everyone and made it pretty awesome. Worth a 2nd play through and I believe a heavy contender for GOTY. I went into my local game store to trump how good this game in and overheard a conversation that made me wonder what kind of gamer are around today.

*hands a copy of Deus Ex* I'm trading this game in. This game blows. You can't run around and shoot things and it was hard. The story was boring. This game sucks and I don't know why people liked it. *looks around at PS3 Section* Hey, let me get that Call of Duty or that Saints Row 2. Those were some good games!

Now, in order to keep me from disconnecting this man from living, I have to understand that everyone has their opinion. No one's game opinion is correct and I'm sure that there is someone out there who's favorite video game is Iron Man. Hell, Nickelodeon Guts was my favorite game for a while. Then again, I openly admit that this game was terrible then and it's still terrible now. It just bugs me greatly that the smart games are the ones that just don't sell. Maybe it's the crowd of people that it goes for. Sometimes, it's the console that the game is ported to. Okami is a perfect example. The game dropped on the PS2 but because the PS2 was dying, no one really played Okami. Never mind the fact that the game is beautifully well done. Even when it was ported to the Wii (The ideal system for the game, mind you.) Everyone didn't want it, because it was the Wii. Alas, the game because a cult hit. A lot of my friends in particular got their first exposure to Okami from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. (Yami, the boss from Okami, was the final boss in the Capcom fighter.)

The thing that gets me the most, however, is that people were calling Dead Island (which dropped 2 weeks after) the better game. Yes, a game that on launch had save game problems and had a pretty lackluster story. I do like the game and problems aside, it's well done and a gory good time. However, to say that it's better then Deus Ex, is insulting to me. Maybe it's my problem. Maybe I'm just a old fogie who prefers being in a challenging situation instead of being a super soldier who can kill everything.


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