Saturday, July 2, 2011

Apologies and Nostalgia

*Dusts off controller*

*Presses start*

Hello. My Name is Strife. Remember me?

No. Didn't think so.

The truth is that I've been busy. Hella busy. Real life has actually stopped me from doing my duties as a TCPS co-host and blogger and for that, I am indeed sorry. Honestly, I thought about stepping down as TCPS co-host because it seems like I couldn't really keep up with the times. Then I sat myself down and decided that I really REALLY wanted to do this. I really wanted to give you guys (all 3 of you) a moment of insanity that is only Megan and Antonio. So, I'm here. And I vow with all of my heart pieces to keep updating this blog until I can't any longer. Updates may be far and inbetween, but I'll get it done.

With that being said, I'm going to tell you why the Nintendo 3DS is the best nostalgia tool ever.

When the Nintendo3DS was announced, I had no idea of what the hell Nintendo was thinking. It sounded cool, but I brushed it off as another DS. Man, was I proven wrong. It turned out to be one of my favorite handhelds, hands down. Not only was it powerful, it touted amazing 3D graphics AND a fantastic lineup of games. While the launch titles weren't as great, the system itself still touted amazing games to play even if you didn't buy a 3D game. The system is that awesome.

We here at TCPS operate on steam-powered Nostalgia. Our video blogs are pretty much old school games being played and compared to new school. Nintendo sees our nostalgia and gives it to us on a 16-bit platter. We got a 3D ocarina of time. We got Excitebike. We're getting Starfox. We're getting Shinobi. And It doesn't stop there. Nintendo also gave us new things like Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Resident Evil and Splinter Cell. A good bit of us are clamoring that new games are nothing like they used to be. Getting a 3DS is the answer to that. And if you're one of the people saying "Oh Noez, I hate re-releases of old games" but can't wait for the inevitable Final Fantasy 7 remake, then I'm thinking that you should re-analyze your gaming viewpoint. Also, laugh tremendously if it gets a re-release on 3ds.


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